Monday, March 28, 2011

Doctors, nurses focus on caring for patients despite their losses

An excellent story on the Grief that health care providers may confront in times of crisis.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bereavement Education Conference


Free Education Series Announced for Hospice Bereavement Personnel
GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (March 16, 2011) – The Brandenburg Maas life Transition Center today announced the official launch of its Advances in Bereavement (AIB) education initiative, a free nationwide program developed to provide access to contemporary topics for hospice bereavement personnel.
"Our research shows that many hospice bereavement staff simply don't have access to the latest information available from the field," said Donna Brandenburg, BMLTC's Founder and Executive Director. "Cuts in Medicare funding have left many bereavement programs under-staffed and education support under-funded,” Brandenburg added.

The AIB initiative is offered at no charge to all hospice bereavement personnel in the United States who are registered with AIB. The programs faculty include some of the most notable and respected experts in thanantology and bereavement to deliver the program content. Experts participating in the series and the subjects that they will address include Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., C.T., Prolonged Grief Disorder; Kenneth Doka, Ph.D. Greiving Beyond Gender; Robert Neimer, Ph.D., The Meaning of Making Meaning; and Sherry Russell, MA, BCBT, BCETS, Traumatic Stress in Hospice Bereaved. Other subjects are being planned for inclusion in the ongoing series.
Registration with AIB includes all issues of the AIB Magazine available online, the professional speaker series, follow-up chat sessions with the experts, peer networking opportunities and a host of other resources available through the AIB website . AIB offers all of its content and presentions through virtual media - an added benefit to participants. Registration is available to the first 1,000, and is limited to those working in hospice settings in the US.

A growing body of knowledge in the field of thanantology is yielding a more comprehensive understanding of grief, projecting many differing theories, techniques and approaches in support of the bereaved. Advances in Bereavement brings this varied thinking to the forefront of bereavement care for the hospice professional, and expands access to information and to the pioneers and contemporaries who provide it.
For more information about Advances in Bereavement, or to register for participation, go to

Advances in Bereavement is a philanthropic program of the Brandenburg Maas Life Transition Center, established in 2009 as a priviately funded and mission-driven organization to support projects, initiatives, and research that address personal transition periods and life altering pathways in the areas of health, loss, careers, and relationships.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to the Blog of the American Academy of Grief Counseling. All of our certified members, students and all health care professionals are invited to join our "blog" community. Please feel free to begin conversations related to the subjects of grief and bereavement, death and dying, etc. We also welcome notices of events, seminars, new books, and any and all information relevent to Grief Counseling. This blog is monitored by a moderator. Thank you for joining!

Dominick L. Flarey, Ph.D, RN-BC, FACHE
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